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I Hired Myself


Labor Day was yesterday. Today is about you. Have you ever considered hiring yourself? Even if part-time.

What position would you hire Scarlett in 2014?

  **Recently, I was inspired by a friend’s post on Facebook, by a photo of one of my beloved actresses and characters; Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, in Gone With The    Wind. Today’s blog is dedicated to Vivien Leigh and Margaret Mitchell, forever inspiring me to follow my courage, create innovative solutions to problems,…

Filtering Your Resume For 5 Audiences

  Your resume is simply a tool to open doors. It is your advertisement to attract recruiters, companies, and hiring leaders. Moving away from a smorgasbord of offerings to a lean menu can be challenging for today’s savvy careerist.  Leaning up does not mean forsaking your stellar accomplishments or bandwidth of talents, it simply means…

Career services and resume writing became real…and an investment

            Career coaching and resume writing services are an investment.  The most commonly stated phrases clients make when seeking out a professional resume writer, coach, and marketing expert boil down to these phrases, “I am struggling with my resume and I don’t know what to do with it” or “I…

3 Reasons Why Starting Your Resume Now Will Save You In 2013

Are you continuing to struggle with yourself? Are you hitting your head against the wall only to confuse yourself even more? Is career dreary setting in? Are you colleagues, family, and friends telling you how to manage your next career move? Have you had enough?