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What position would you hire Scarlett in 2014?

  **Recently, I was inspired by a friend’s post on Facebook, by a photo of one of my beloved actresses and characters; Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara, in Gone With The    Wind. Today’s blog is dedicated to Vivien Leigh and Margaret Mitchell, forever inspiring me to follow my courage, create innovative solutions to problems,…

Customer service and the soaring pepper mill!

We are surrounded by kind and generous customers who just want the one thing we are expected to provide: help! Customer service is the core of our role.

S.N.A.P Approach to Core Competencies ID in Job Descriptions


For many job seekers, identifying core competencies in a job description can be tedious and confusing. One client expressed frustration over the ambiguity

Baby Boomers!! “Beef” up your Résumé Brand in 5 Steps


[Editor’s Note: Removing roadblocks is my passion. It is one of my top “inner geek” attributes splattered across my own résumé!  Hmmmm…inner geek, branding, roadblocks….equals…..(thinking, thinking, thinking)…will revisit this later.] Baby boomers (and even Gen X), removing barriers in résumé branding has never been easier!  At 80 years young, Clara Peller became a brand. “Clara…

Competencies…Companies…Capital (human)


Respected, high-performing CEO’s know that the coveted three C’s are crucial towards achieving business success in any size organization.  Integrating and sustaining the “right” balance of competencies, companies and (human) capital is the ongoing challenge. While there is no mystery behind competencies, most careerists are faced with a lack of clarity of their core talents…