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The 911 on Video Resumes

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If you are a college student who is attending school online as an elearner and you are interested in using technology to potentially help make yourself more desirable to employers after graduation, you might want to consider a video resume. A video resume could also be a great option for young professionals striving to get…

Removing your leader’s mask.

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Lessons learned from a shabby leader are often more compelling than those from a great leader. After all, goodness comes easily to leaders who are in “right-fit positions.
So, what do you do with leaders who haphazardly tripped and fell into a position of great responsibility, yet lack the necessary competencies? More importantly, how do you learn to identify the leader’s dysfunction so that you decrease your stress levels?

The great escape…5 secrets of career movers and shakers.

Great escape...5 tips of career movers and shakers

Planning for a new career path consists of having the best resume, superbly written copy, and social media presence that will get you noticed.

Seriously? Your Boss told you to get off of Linkedin.com!


Leading retail and hospitality companies are also building financial support into their budgets for training and branding development for their mid-level management. “Teaching our people to use Linked.com is in our budget for 2012” stated one HR Executive Recruiter from a major retailer with stores based in high-end malls. “We want our people to be brand savvy, smart and accessible on LINKEDIN.com.”

Digital Dirt is a 4 Letter Word beginning with U!

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Cleaning up digital dirt is within your reach if you are deciding to play in the virtual sandbox. While you may think you have a pristine reputation on the web