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Ask Amanda….Answers in the Workplace.

Amanda, When I first started working at my current job, my boss was great.  She was helpful, hard-working, and always set a great example for us.  I always felt motivated to come to work and do my best because she did.  Lately, I have noticed a drastic change in her work ethic.  She avoids the…

Coaching up, side, or down with confidence!

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Most companies have now adopted policies of open communication, upward coaching, and other similar strategies. Meaning: you should no longer be running to HR or another supervisor to tattle on your boss or employees. Instead, you are expected to confront your coworkers, employees, and supervisor personally and resolve any issues directly before calling HR or your manager.

Yelling is uncompelling

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Have you ever worked for a manager who yells? Or maybe you yell and scream at your subordinates when you don’t get what you want. For years, this is how authority dealt with employee issues. Even though many companies currently view yelling at employees as unacceptable behavior, many employees are conditioned to expect a good scolding after making a mistake.

Although yelling is technically unacceptable and very unprofessional, it still occurs. If, as a leader, you have ever yelled at your employees, your reputation has suffered irrevocable damage.

Removing your leader’s mask.

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Lessons learned from a shabby leader are often more compelling than those from a great leader. After all, goodness comes easily to leaders who are in “right-fit positions.
So, what do you do with leaders who haphazardly tripped and fell into a position of great responsibility, yet lack the necessary competencies? More importantly, how do you learn to identify the leader’s dysfunction so that you decrease your stress levels?

Baby Boomers!! “Beef” up your Résumé Brand in 5 Steps


[Editor’s Note: Removing roadblocks is my passion. It is one of my top “inner geek” attributes splattered across my own résumé!  Hmmmm…inner geek, branding, roadblocks….equals…..(thinking, thinking, thinking)…will revisit this later.] Baby boomers (and even Gen X), removing barriers in résumé branding has never been easier!  At 80 years young, Clara Peller became a brand. “Clara…