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Listen up, your gut is talking to you!

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Everywhere you look these days, the internet is filled with authors, marketing professionals, and career experts. Why, even this article may having you scratching your head asking, “how is this story different from other career professionals touting to have the answers?”

Noise, noise, everywhere! And, not just auditory noise. When it comes to being bombarded with tips, tricks, career experts, and the best advice, the noise and confusion can be overwhelming on the internet.

One expert advises, “don’t accept just anyone on linked.com as a contact” while my own advice is, “broaden your horizons and accept people you do not know.”

Counseling, Career Coach, Resume Writer and Self-Awareness


Feeling off kilter, emotionally unbalanced, experiencing scattered focus, feeling false sense of security, or grasping at straws, seek out a therapist before you consider getting a new resume.
Feeling secure but not sure of next steps, hire a career coach before seeking a resume writer. You will be surprised at how much you can gain with one hour of career coaching.
Able to answer simple questions, with straightforward answers, you are ready to hire a resume writer!

Baby Boomers!! “Beef” up your Résumé Brand in 5 Steps


[Editor’s Note: Removing roadblocks is my passion. It is one of my top “inner geek” attributes splattered across my own résumé!  Hmmmm…inner geek, branding, roadblocks….equals…..(thinking, thinking, thinking)…will revisit this later.] Baby boomers (and even Gen X), removing barriers in résumé branding has never been easier!  At 80 years young, Clara Peller became a brand. “Clara…

Competencies…Companies…Capital (human)


Respected, high-performing CEO’s know that the coveted three C’s are crucial towards achieving business success in any size organization.  Integrating and sustaining the “right” balance of competencies, companies and (human) capital is the ongoing challenge. While there is no mystery behind competencies, most careerists are faced with a lack of clarity of their core talents…

Investment or Expense? What is your career worth?


Thursday, February 17th, 2011 “It’s just a piece of paper!” “It costs WHAT?” “I thought it would be around $100.” No sugar coating today. Just the facts. Resumes are an investment. They reflect who you are more than ever. A poorly written resume coupled with an outdated format send a clear message that you place…